About Us

The Great Pyramid is a water pump!We were originally a loose knit group of researchers who were bonded together by a similar interest.  That interest is understanding the process the Great Pyramid was built and why the Original Builders went to the effort to build their masterpiece.  We were dissatisfied by both conventional and nonconventional theories which have been offered to the general public.  We felt that the Great Pyramid was not primitive in its construction or purpose but that it was both sophisticated in its construction method and its purpose justified it’s construction. Ultimately we banded together and formed a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit foundation headquarter in Oregon.  We have a board of directors, pro-bono legal counsel, advisors, supporters and associates involved in our research.  Not everyone involved in the work of our foundation is located in southwestern Oregon.  With the Internet many of our contributors, advisers, fellow researchers and other participants are spread out all over the world.  Although the focus of our research is on how and why the Great Pyramid was built, we are interested in a number of new and emerging technologies from whatever source.  It is part of our Mission Statement to work to redevelop these various technologies for our modern but troubled world.  We have done on-site research activities at the Great Pyramid of Giza and have also done work as a think tank.

Our contention is that water was a pivotal aspect in the construction and purpose of the Great Pyramid.  We contend that the Great Pyramid was assembled using water barges, and water locks.  This fascinating construction process is described in the book: Lost Technologies of the Great Pyramid written by Steven Myers.  Our foundation has produced a video series that provides a basic presentation of how the stones were moved and set in place.  Please click on the Video Series link to go to the video series.

We also contend that the purpose of the Great Pyramid is even more fascinating then the process used to build this structure.  We contend that the Great Pyramid was planned and built to be infrastructure for the civilization which created this structure.  This infrastructure was a functioning machine which provided tangible prosperity for those who made the wise investment to build the Great Pyramid.  The Great Pyramid was a machine built to pump water!  To many that is an astounding assertion but Steven Myers has written his second book about how the Great Pyramid Water Pump operated.   This book is titled: The Great Pyramid Prosperity Machine. The contention of his book and the direction of our foundation’s research is that the complex arrangement of passages and chamber in the Great Pyramid was designed and built to be a massive and efficient water pumping system.

If you are interested in participating with us to reach our Goals let us know.  If you have any questions feel free visit our FAQ Page or please contact us.