Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  What is the Pharaoh’s Pump Foundation?
Answer: The Pharaoh’s Pump Foundation is an educational/research 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization dedicated to developing new and emerging energy efficient technologies.  This includes the research and understanding of the construction and purpose of the Great Pyramid.

Question: How is the Pharaoh’s Pump Foundation funded?
Answer: Like most worthwhile endeavors the Pharaoh’s Pump Foundation is funded on a “shoe-string.”  Most funding is received from private sources and individuals.  The Pharaoh’s Pump Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization so donations of funds, services or materials are tax deductible.  There have been a few donations in the form of money, office supplies and materials.

Question: What do the funds go for?
Answer:  Funds are use to maintain the Internet site, printing costs, long distance charges, postage and other assorted costs related to the operation of the Pharaoh’s Pump Foundation.  We are also establishing a library of books and other materials relating to the Great Pyramid, the Giza Plateau and to the high technology used by ancient mankind. We also used funding to produce a series of videos about how the Great Pyramid was built.  We are currently creating another video series about why the Great Pyramid was built.


Lost Technologies of the Great Pyramid                  The Great Pyramid Prosperity Machine

Question: What can I do to help?
Answer:  Obtain the books, Lost Technologies of the Great Pyramid and The Great Pyramid Prosperity Machine and read them.  Re-read them and then share these books with your friends.  These books will answer your questions much better than this FAQ page.  Spread the word!  Add a link to your site!   Mention this site ( to your friends in newsgroups, fourms, Facebook and Twitter.  Recommend this site to others.  Include us in your prayers.  Help with our web site or become involved with our research.  A donation in materials equipment or funding is tax deductible and greatly appreciated.

Our Current Fundraising Campaign

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We are seeing funding for a 3D Printer to use in our research facility!
Please click on the image to find out more information about this donation opportunity. Depending on your level of giving you will receive one or both autographed softcover books written by Steven Myers (or Kindle EBooks) in appreciation of your donation.
Also you can receive an exclusive limited edition item made using the 3D printer!  This truly unique conversion piece will be suitable to be displayed on your mantel or office desk!  This 3D printer will be a wonderful addition to our facility and will help our research in a very positive way. All donation to our 501 (c) 3 nonprofit foundation are tax deductible!

Another fundraising method we are using is the Virtual Book Signing Event.

In appreciation of a $60 Dollar or more tax deductible donation our foundation will send to you a signed softcover copy of both books written by Steven Myers. (or Kindle EBook version)  Our foundation will pay postage to anywhere in the world. Just make a $60 donation by Paypal or by check through the postal mail and we will take care of the rest!   All donations are tax deductible. Our postal address is:
Pharaoh’s Pump Foundation
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Question: The information on your web page is interesting but creates more questions than it answers!
Answer:  There is a lot of information to cover.  There is not room to put all the information and discoveries on this site.  There is so much information that two books were written on the subject.  Please examine this site and become familiar with the information concerning the Great Pyramid.  Also view the video series to get an idea about the direction of our research.

Question:  Who built the Great Pyramid?
Answer:  Who built the Great Pyramid is beyond the scope of our research. Our focus is on researching and understanding the intent of the Original Builders for building this wonder of the world. The Great Pyramid is a massive public works project and our foundation’s focus is understanding the technology of this fascinating construction project.

Question:  When was the Great Pyramid built?
Answer:  When the Great Pyramid was built is beyond the focus of our research.  We are researching how the stones were moved and set in place and why. Our research focuses on the technology involved in the creation of this structure.

Question:  How was the Great Pyramid built?
Answer:  It is our contention that the subterranean passages and chambers were designed and created to pump water.  This water was used to float barges with stones to the building site and to each stone’s final resting place. For more information about how the Great Pyramid was built view our video series to get a feel for how the Great Pyramid was assembled using water locks and barges.

Question:  Why was the Great Pyramid built?
Answer:  The Great Pyramid was built as infrastructure.  The Great Pyramid was built to pump water.  The Grand Coulee Dam pumps water.  The Aswan High Dam creates electricity to run electric motors used to pump water.  The Great Pyramid was designed and built to pump water. The Great Pyramid pumps water but in a much different manner than hydroelectric dams.

Question: What good is this technology in this day and age?
Answer:  The applications of this ancient but high technology is the most important aspect of our research!!  It is the application of this lost ancient high technology in OUR world that matters most.  We live in a world that is starving for cheap energy sources.  Our fossil fuel based economy has caused severe problems in energy costs, pollution and supply problems just to name a few.   The money used to buy overseas oil often helps to fund destabilizing forces in our troubled world.  This type of pump does not use electricity or fossil fuel to operate.  This type of pump could be used in third world agrarian cultures to reduce famine and also in dry countries like Australia to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and to reduce irrigation costs for the production of farm products.  Environmentalists would embrace this technology because it reduces the consumption of electricity and thereby reduces the need for hydroelectric dams.

Question:  Why was there a need for a water pump in the lush Nile valley?  Isn’t it naturally irrigated by the annual flood of the Nile?
Answer:  Among other things, the Great Pyramid Pump greatly extended the irrigated area around the Giza area and above and beyond the flood plain.  It allowed the area uphill and beyond the Great Pyramid to be irrigated. Many other uses of the water were possible, including waterpower to run machinery or to generate electricity but one of the main purposes was: With this pump it was possible to irrigate areas above and beyond the flood plain! The area near the Columbia River (in Washington State) is lush and green.  But once one gets just a little ways away from the river the area is very dry and relatively unproductive. The Grand Coulee Dam greatly extends the area of irrigation by pumping water UP to a much higher level, making a much greater area very productive.  The Great Pyramid pumped that water up to the area higher in elevation making what was desert into productive farmland.

Question:  Why would the ancient Egyptians need to build such a monumental “pump” when they had more than enough fertile irrigated land in the Nile river flood plain?  It makes no sense.
Answer:  I am not sure what the ancients thought was enough irrigated farm land.  They wanted to irrigate enough land to go to the trouble to create an artificial lake nearly as large as lake Erie.  That lake called Lake Moeris was used to irrigate when the flood plain was not flooded.  It takes a lot of water throughout the year to irrigate farmland in a very hot dry area with no rainfall even though there is a yearly one time flood.  The Great Pyramid water pump moved water from that lake up to higher ground.  Also water power can be used for many things.  It was water power that powered machinery at the beginning of the Industrial Age.  The water from this pump could have been used to power lathes, or other machines.  Water power is used to make electricity to this day, and the ancients could have used the water from their pump to do the same.

Question:  I have always been told about the slaves (or taxpayers) pulling blocks up the ramp.
Answer:  Read the book Lost Technologies of the Great Pyramid and you will come to understand the great abilities and intelligence of the Ancients!  The book is interesting and compelling.  People have described it as the only volume on the Great Pyramid that actually makes sense.  Sure, people can stack a few rocks into a pile and say that is how it was made.  It is odd that they never demonstrate how the magnificent 70 ton megalithic stones were set in place.   The measure in how the stones were moved is with the largest ones, not the littlest! If you can prove that traditional Egyptologists are correct in their assessment of how the ancient Egyptians made and moved casing stones you will receive our $50,000 Scholarship.   See our $50,000 Scholarship Page for details.

Question:  The Great Pyramid was built as a tomb for a dead Pharaoh.
Answer:  There is little if any evidence that any Pharaoh was laid to rest in the Great Pyramid.   What others believe to be very ineffective obstacles to tomb robbers were actually various types of valves.  Most of these so-called obstacles (in truth, valves) in the passages of the Great Pyramid have been destroyed but some of the valve seats are still there.  In the antechamber there is still a part of a valve that moves up in a slot.   Early explorers write of the extreme precision of these movable parts.  These pivoting and moving working parts of the pump were not made to stop tomb robbers.

Question: The Great Pyramid was built using simple tools and superb organization.
Answer:  The above statement is incorrect.  People who tell you the above is how the Great Pyramid was built are wrong.  To be sure, any major task requires great organization, but it took much more than organization to make the Great Pyramid.   Case in point: with 100,000 slaves, simple tools and all the organization in the world it has not been demonstrated the creation of the optical precision, and moving of even one full size casing stone!!  In fact, since the construction of the pyramids not one full size casing stone like those that remain on the Great Pyramid has been made with simple tools.    Egyptologists have access to simple tools and are organized yet they cannot make one casing stone.  The book Lost Technologies of the Great Pyramid talks about some of the mechanization used in the construction of the Great Pyramid.

Question: What does it matter if the Great Pyramid was a water pump?
Answer: It is our contention that the ancient but high technology of the Great Pyramid would help our modern but troubled world.  If redeveloped this ancient technology would reduce irrigation cost and be used to generate electricity cheaply.  The book The Great Pyramid Prosperity Machine discusses in detail how the Great Pyramid operated as a water pump and how this technology could help us reduce our addiction to oil!

If you have any additional questions please contact us.