The Pharaoh’s Pump Foundation has accomplished a number of important goals.  We started as a loose network of researchers. The interest has been so great that we established a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit foundation.  That in itself was a major goal.  We have established our headquarters in southwestern Oregon and that is also the location of our research facility.  We have conducted extensive research which has been compiled into two books written by Steven Myers.  Research activities are ongoing and there is still much work to be done.  We have also produced a DVD quality documentary about how the Great Pyramid was assembled using water locks and barges.  That documentary can be viewed on our Video Series page.

  • Another goal of our foundation is to spread the word about our research.  One way to do this is to have our founder, Steven Myers be the guest on radio talk shows.  He has been interviewed on over 75 radio shows.  Many of the Podcasts are on ITunes and YouTube.  If you know of a late night radio talk show that would like to have an engaging guest talk about a fascinating subject, contact the radio talk show and suggest Steven Myers to be a guest on their radio show.  A sampling of archived Podcasts are on our Podcast Page.
  • We have conducted research and experimentation and have established an ever growing research library.  We have also done work as a think tank.
  • We have also sent a research team to the Giza Plateau to conduct valuable on-site research.

The purpose of our current funding campaign is to acquire a 3D printer!

We are using croudfunding to accomplish this goal. For more information click on the image below.
Help us with our GoFundMe fund raising effort!Visit our Go Fund Me page!

Our Ongoing Goals Include:

  • Spreading the word about this fascinating direction of our research concerning the Great Pyramid giving glory to the Ancient Builders who created it.
  • Continue ongoing fundraising activities to support our efforts to reach our goals.  Our current fundrasing campaign is to offer both books by Steven Myers signed by the author in appreciation of a donation of $60 Dollars or more.  We will ship the books to you postage paid. For more information about this offer go to our How We Are Funded page.
  • Organize another trip to Egypt.  With interest being very high we are planning another trip.  This trip would include many of the important sites along the Nile River as well as the Great Pyramid.  At the Great Pyramid our founder would give an exclusive tour as well as a lecture while at and inside this ancient wonder!  We need someone to organize this trip.  If you have expertise in this area please contact us.
  • Now that the book, Lost Technologies of the Great Pyramid is available we have finished making a documentary about how the Great Pyramid was built.  This documentary was produced “in house” and is available to be viewed on our YouTube channel or on our Video Series page.  Much of the assembly process is very visual and this documentary will help people visualize the fascinating construction process use to build this structure.  There is quite a bit of computer generated animations depicting the fascinating process used to build the Great Pyramid.  If you want to watch this documentary for free please click on the Video Series page.
  • We will also use the documentary with numerous animations as a tool to “pitch a deal” for a television documentary!  How exciting that would be.  This is a new understanding of the Great Pyramid and would be excellent material for a profitable TV documentary project!
  • Conduct other research trips.  Locations would include Machu Picchu as well as in Australia to conduct on-site research of the Humphrey Pump.
  • Writing grants and seeking funding to support our activities and fund our major goals.  If you have expertise in grant writing please contact us.
  • Our most important goal is to redevelop in modern times the ancient, lost but highly advanced technology of the Great Pyramid.  This is a lofty goal.  Redeveloping the ancient yet ultramodern water pumping technology of the Great Pyramid would help our modern but troubled world.  There are numerous applications for this efficient water pumping technology including irrigation and electrical generation.
  • We are continuing ongoing research here at the facility.  We are also seeking donations of funding, materials, tools and equipment for our facility We want to give glory to the ancient geniuses who built the Great Pyramid by fully understanding the construction process and purpose of this magnificent structure.  We also want to provide a vision for the future by redeveloping these ancient but lost high technologies to help our modern but troubled world!

If you want to participate in any of these goals or activities please contact us.