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Steven Myers has been interviewed on over 100 radio Talk show discussing his research and books about how and why the Great Pyramid was built!

This page has info about Steven Myers to be used by radio stations and their hosts in preparation for interviews and their web sites.

Steven Myers is the founder of the nonprofit organization called the Pharaoh’s Pump Foundation. ( The foundation’s purpose is the research and development of technologies used to build and operate the Great Pyramid as intended by the Original Builders. This foundation, headed by Mr. Myers, is conducting research and experimentation to help understand the mysteries of how the Great Pyramid was built and why.  Our goal is to further the understanding and utilization of the ancient technology related to the Great Pyramid’s construction and purpose.

Please contact the Pharaoh’s Pump Foundation if you have any questions or want to interview Steven Myers.

Steven Myers is an advocate for the re-development of the lost ancient high technology of the Great Pyramid and to use that ancient but advanced technology to help our modern but troubled world.

Steven Myers is also an outspoken critic of Egyptology as well as The Orion Corrilation Theory.

Much of the research conducted by Steven Myers has been compiled into two books.
His first book is Lost Technologies of the Great Pyramid.


Mr. Myers second book is about how the Great Pyramid operated as a large efficient water pumping system.  This book is titled Lost Technologies of the Great Pyramid.


Steven Myers Bio

Steven Myers is the author of two books. His first book is titled: Lost Technologies of the Great Pyramid. His second book is titled: The Great Pyramid Prosperity Machine.

Author, lecturer and independent researcher, Steven Myers has studied the Great Pyramid for over twenty years to understand how this ancient wonder of the world was built and why. 

His research included traveling to Egypt to conduct extensive onsite research at the Giza Plateau. Steven Myers has written numerous magazine articles and given many lectures on the subject of the Great Pyramid. Compiling his research into two books which provide a comprehensive and detailed explanation of how the Great Pyramid was built and why. 

He has also founded a nonprofit foundation dedicated in understanding how and why the Great Pyramid was built. The mission of this foundation is to redevelop these ancient but advanced technologies to help our modern but troubled world. The foundation’s web site is at: Steven Myers lives in southwestern Oregon with his wife and two dogs. 

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Also there are some images depicting how the Great Pyramid was assembled.
Pharaoh's Pump

Steven Myers is the one with the nose!

At the Giza Plateau

Resting after a hard day of research!

Steven Myers next to a casing stone.

In awe of the Great Pyramid!

Standing on the Basalt Paving stones

Striking a serious pose.

Steven Myers with the boss!

Water lock during the early stages of construction

Water lock built into the casing stones

The construction pond is only about waist deep!