Mission Statement

The Pharaoh’s Pump Foundation is an Oregon based, 501 ( c ) 3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the development of decentralized, energy efficient, non-polluting energy technologies.  Our interests include responsible stewardship of the environment, conservation, and renewable, inexpensive energy systems.

We feel many of our goals can be achieved through the development of new and emerging energy and conservation technologies we are researching and developing at our research facility. Our members and contributors are interested in the development of appropriate technologies for today’s world. We are individuals with varied backgrounds and abilities who share this common goal. We will improve the world through the development of non-polluting, environmentally friendly, decentralized technological innovations. It is important to us at the Pharaoh’s Pump Foundation that we give glory to the ancient geniuses that built the Great Pyramid and who used it to better their own lives.  We feel that an accurate and true understanding of the Great Pyramid will give a wonderful vision of the future.  For if our civilization comes to know and utilize the ancient but highly advanced technologies of the Great Pyramid we can live a cleaner, happier and more prosperous lives!

The Great Pyramid is a water pump!

Funding is provided primarily by small private donations. Our organization is supported through the philanthropy of people like you. We are seeking funding to further our research and to develop this water pumping system and to develop products which will reduce hunger and improve self sufficiency. Our current fundraising campaign is providing as a gift a signed copy of the books, Lost Technologies of the Great Pyramid, and The Great Pyramid Prosperity Machine to anyone who makes a tax deductible donation of $60 or more. We will pay the postage to mail these autographed books as well as additional resource materials right to your door! For more information about this offer please visit the How We Are Funded page. We also need help with a number of different areas besides funding.  To find out more information on how you can be a part of what we are doing please visit our Get Involved page or contact us.