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Steven Myers is the Founder of the Pharaoh’s Pump Foundation

PyramidSteven MyersAuthor, researcher and frequent guest on radio talk shows, Steven Myers is the Founder of the Pharaoh’s Pump Foundation. He has always been interested in technology and this interest grew into a passion for understanding the technical aspects regarding the Great Pyramid. His focus has led him to establish our Oregon based 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization dedicated to understanding how and why the great Pyramid was built. Myers has studied this structure for over twenty years and he has complied much of the research conducted by the Pharaoh’s Pump Foundation into two books.


Pyramidbook cover 1His first book, Lost Technologies of the Great Pyramid is about how the Great Pyramid was assembled using water locks and barges. This well illustrated book provides a detailed explanation of the assembly process used to create the engineering masterpiece we call the Great Pyramid.  Mr. Myers provided a detailed step by step process of the construction process starting with the paving stones and finishing with the placement of the capstone on top of this ancient wonder of the world.


Pyramidbook cover 2His second book is titled, The Great Pyramid Prosperity Machine. This book explains the fascinating explanation of how the passages and chambers of the Great Pyramid were designed and built to be a massive and efficient water pumping system. Steven Myers contends that the Great Pyramid was a machine which was built to serve a tangible purpose. This machine was infrastructure for the civilization which built it. It was built as a wise investment and not at a huge cost. The Great Pyramid was an investment that paid huge dividends for the civilization which built it. It turned the desert into a garden and transformed poverty into prosperity! The Great Pyramid did all of this by being a water pump.

Steven Myers is a Frequent Radio Talk Show Guest


Steven Myers has been interviewed on over 75 radio talk shows about his fascinating research and books.   Many of these interviews are on ITunes and YouTube. Many podcasts are also available for download on our Podcast page.  If you are interested in Steven Myers as a guest on your show please let us know.

Steven Myers also appeared in a television documentary with Dr. Robert Schoch. Filming was done on site at the Giza Plateau.  The title of that TV documentary is: The Pharaoh’s Secret: Building the Great Pyramid.

How GP Was Built-DVD-bgSteven Myers has produced a DVD documentary about how the Great Pyramid was assembled using water locks and barges. This documentary is filled with computer generated animations and is available commercially at Adventures Unlimited Press. This documentary can be viewed in the form of a series of videos on YouTube. Please visit our Video Series page to view the DVD documentary.

He is currently producing another DVD documentary about how the Great Pyramid operated as a water pump. That documentary is currently in production.

Steven Myers is also a vocal critic of the science of Egyptology discussing the serious flaws of Egyptology in his radio interviews and in magazine articles. He is also an outspoken critic of the Orion Correlation Theory describing the logical fallacies of this explanation of the Great Pyramid.  He includes this information in his lectures and interviews.

Currently his activities include research, nonprofit administration, organization spokesperson, fundraising, radio talk show interviews, conducting lectures, and writing numerous magazine articles. You can contact Steven Myers through our contact page.

Here are some magazine that have articles by Steven Myers

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