Podcasts featuring Steven Myers

PyramidSteven Myers podcastListed below are a number of podcasts that can be downloaded directly from our foundation’s website.

Here is the link to a half hour TV show on which Steven Myers was interviewed.

It was a fun show! 

 Apple_Podcast_logo  Steven Myers, was the guest on Coast to Coast AM on Thursday July-19-2012.

Some Recent Interviews







The list below is just a sampling of the shows Steven Myers has been the featured guest 
on radio shows discussing his books and the research of our foundation. Many of these podcasts are available from iTunes.

 You can “right click” on the LINK and select “save target as” to download the MP3 file!


Apple_Podcast_logo  ISIS Paranormal Radio co-hosted by Dayna Winters and Patricia Gardner.  Click LINK to listen

This show was a very good one hour show providing an overview of our research and the book Lost Technologies of the Great Pyramid.

Apple_Podcast_logo  Amerika Now Radio hosted by Barb Adams.  This was a 4 hour show and is a detailed interview of Steven Myers discussing his books 
and the research of the nonprofit foundation he created to understand how and why the Great Pyramid was built.

LINK for hour 1, LINK for hour 2, LINK for hour 2, LINK for hour 4

Additional Radio Shows in which Steven Myers has been the Guest

Apple_Podcast_logo  Coast to Coast AM with George Noory.   Steven Myers was the guest on Thursday July-19-2012
(This podcast requires a paid subscription)

Apple_Podcast_logo  Whispers Radio hosted by Jordan Cline and Nick Queen                                        Click HERE to listen

Apple_Podcast_logo  NightWatch Radio hosted by Todd Sheets                                                               Click HERE to listen

Apple_Podcast_logo  The Black Fridays Podcast hosted by Jeremy Vaeni & Stacy Lowery                      Click HERE to listen

Apple_Podcast_logo  Paranormal Podcast hosted by Jim Harold                                                             Click HERE to listen

Apple_Podcast_logo  Sphinx Radio hosted by William H. Kennedy                                                         Click HERE to listen

Apple_Podcast_logo  Six Degrees hosted by Anthony Brice                                                                     Click HERE to listen

Apple_Podcast_logo  PAIR A NORMAL GUYS INC hosted by Jason Pepper                                        Click HERE to listen

Apple_Podcast_logo  Just Energy Radio hosted by Rita Louise                                                              Click HERE to Listen

Apple_Podcast_logo  The Knight Zone hosted by Colin Knight                                                              Click HERE to listen

Apple_Podcast_logo Haunted Curiosities hosted by Dee Dee Doughty                                                   Click HERE to listen

Apple_Podcast_logo  Rumor Mill News hosted by Rayelan Allan                                                          Click HERE to listen

Apple_Podcast_logo  Cryptic Knowledge Radio hosted by Mike Blocker                                              Click HERE to listen

Apple_Podcast_logo  The X Zone hosted by Rob McConnell                                                                Click HERE to listen

Apple_Podcast_logo  The Kevin Smith Show hosted by Kevin Smith (This podcast requires a paid subscription)

If you want Steven Myers as a guest for your talk show please contact us.