Why the Great Pyramid was built

water-3The original builders proved their genius and abilities by building the Great Pyramid.  These ancient builders who created their masterpiece envisioned a purpose for their structure which justified the effort expend to create the Great Pyramid.  It was built not at a huge cost but as a wise investment.  The purpose of this structure justified the construction of this massive building.

It is our contention that the Great Pyramid was built to be infrastructure for the civilization which built it.  It was built to be a machine which improved the lives of those who built it and their children.  This improvement was not esoteric, symbolic or religious.  The Great Pyramid improved the lives of the people who built it in a very tangible way.  The Great Pyramid was not a static building for the dead.  it was an active device and a functioning machine.  This machine transformed the desert into a garden.  It transformed toil into leisure.  it transformed poverty into prosperity!

The Great Pyramid was a Prosperity Machine!

The Great Pyramid was able to do all of this by functioning as it was designed.  This architectural and engineering achievement was created to be a water pump!

waterpumpThe Great Pyramid was a water pump!

The Geniuses who built the Great Pyramid water pump had a number of uses for this pumped water.

Certainty irrigation was a purpose for the pumped water as well as powering large scale machinery.  A number of other important uses are described in the book, The Great Pyramid Prosperity Machine. This book describes how the seeming complex arrangement of passages and chamber of the Great Pyramid were designed and built to be an efficient and powerful water pump.  This fascinating water pumping system is analyzed in detail providing a functional purpose to the features of the Great Pyramid.

But more than that Steven Myers in his books advocates for the redevelopment of the ancient high technology of the Great Pyramid to be studied, re-developed and implemented to help our modern but very troubled world.  It is his contention, as described in his books, that the ancient technologies of the Great Pyramid can provide us in the here and now an alternative to our self-destructive addition to oil. 

We have completed a video series describing how the Great Pyramid was assembled using water locks and barges.  We are currently producing a video series about how the Great Pyramid operated as a water pump!

Please read the books below to get a complete understanding of HOW and Why the Great Pyramid was built!

Much of the research conducted by the foundation has been compiled into two books written by our founder.  These two books are:

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