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The Pharaoh's Pump Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit foundation dedicated to
understanding how and why the Great Pyramid was built.



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Our Current Fundraising Campaign

 We are seeking funding for a 3D Printer to use in our research facility!
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Depending on your level of giving you will receive one or both books (or Kindle EBooks) in appreciation of your donation.
Also you can receive an exclusive limited edition item made using the 3D printer!  This truly unique conversation piece will be suitable to be displayed on your mantel or office desk!

Our founder, Steven Myers, was the guest on Coast to Coast AM on Thursday July 19, 2012.

We also have a video series about how the Great Pyramid was built.
This series describes the fascinating assembly process used to create the first wonder of the world.  Just click on the Video Series button.

The Great Pyramid is a legacy to the past and a vision for the future!



It is our contention that the Great Pyramid was built using sophisticated construction methods
and water was fundamental to both the creation and purpose of this mighty structure.
This monument was built to be infrastructure for the civilization which built it.
As a working machine, the Great Pyramid provided a tangible benefit for the people who
created their masterpiece of engineering.  Our goal is to redevelop the ancient
but high technology of the Great Pyramid to help our modern but troubled world.

Much of the research conducted by the foundation has been compiled into two books
written by our founder. These two books are:

Lost Technologies of the Great Pyramid                                         The Great Pyramid Prosperity Machine


Steven Myers is available to be interviewed as a guest on talk radio programs. 
To go to the direct link to download Podcasts of radio interviews just click on our Podcasts button.

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